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Ombú Moscatel
Ombú Moscatel

Ombú Moscatel

Bodega Bracco Bosca
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Varietal(s): 100% Moscatel
 Atlántida, Canelones, Uruguay
12.00% vol.
Aging: Stainless steel tank
0.75 l 
Contains sulfites

Heinrich Heine famously stated that perfumes are the feelings of flowers – a statement which is sure to resonate with anyone who has caught a whiff of this beautiful muscatel. When it comes to floral wines, however, subtlety is key. Flowery fragrances in wine act similarly to eau de toilette in a restaurant: less is more, and too much can be rather offensive. This wine, however, executes its “floral arrangement” with perfection. With a subtle pear-like sweetness which soon gives way to a dry finish and its lively interplay of ripe fruit aromas, citric acidity and the fragrance of white flowers, the palate and throat remain engaged and interested for a long time. The wine is easy to drink, and has a special elegance which pairs well with strong fish such as salmon or tuna. with its balanced and dynamic delivery of its striking flavour elements, this wine provides a flawless and memorable drinking experience. 

Pairings: Quiches, extra hard cheese, aperitif, Asian cuisine, salmon, tuna

Storage potential: 2-4 years (can be significantly longer under ideal conditions)