Intipalka Tannat
Intipalka Tannat

Intipalka Tannat

Viñas Queirolo
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Varietal(s): 100% Tannat
Region: Ica Valley, Peru
14.00% vol.
 Stainless steel tank
Volume: 0.75 l
Contains sulfites


Strong-willed and headstrong! A wild stallion of a wine, so when you pop the cork, you might want to consider keeping a lasso nearby! With increased aeration, however, its temperament will become tamer. While the nose is initially sulphurous and tarry, reminiscent of volcanic activity and road construction, as the wine continues to breathe it reveals a lovely plum fruitiness, rounded off with notes of leather and liquorice. A dark chocolate finish. For fans of distinctive wines with a lot of character!

Pairings: Red meat, especially well-suited for bolder choices such as calves´ kidneys or grilled beef heart

Storage potential: 5 – 7 years (can be significantly longer under ideal conditions)