Osiris Tannat Gran Reserva (Limited Edition)

Osiris Tannat Gran Reserva (Limited Edition)

Antigua Bodega
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Varietal(s): 100% Tannat
 La Paz, Canelones, Uruguay
ABV: 13.50% vol.
12 months in American oak
0.75 l
Contains sulfites

Osiris is the top shot of the Antigua Bodega Stagnari. Highly structured, concentrated, and muscular, this tannat will thrill all lovers of deep, dark power-wines. Due to its long aging time, it has arrived at a good balance, and maintains harmony despite its great amplitude. Shining bright with ripe tannins, it displays an ideal balance of fruit and wood. This wine is not here to play games or provide you with some background entertainment – it demands attention! Accordingly, it should be paired with foods with strong flavours which can stand up to its concentrated power.

Pairings: haute cuisine, especially meat dishes

Storage potential: 15 - 18 years (can be significantly longer under ideal conditions)