Asa Nisi Masa Malbec

Asa Nisi Masa Malbec

Mundo Revés
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Varietal(s): 100% Malbec
 Uco Valley, Mendoza, Argentina
14.00% vol.
0.75 l
Contains sulfites


Ambrosia for purists. Rich body and harmonious balance achieved not by wood, but by hand – through Bâtonnage. At Mundo Revés (eng.: upside-down world) the goal is not to meet exceptional standards but to redefine them. A wine which will not only delight purists and lignophobes, but, with its fullness and taut structure, will also find favor with the wood-addicts of the wine world. The palate is greeted by wonderful, refreshing red fruit instead of dry prunes, subtle floral notes (which are not drowned out by the taste of vanilla wafers), and a luxurious, creamy mouthfeel which is profoundly satisfying. Once tasted, Asa Nisi Masa – that iconic nonsense phrase from Federico Fellini`s 8 ½ – suddenly makes sense, even for wine-enthusiasts who are slower on the uptake.

Pairings: All meats, legumes, mature cheese, pasta with meat-based sauces or fillings

Storage potential: 7-9 years (can be significantly longer under ideal conditions)