Anarkia Tannat

Anarkia Tannat

Viñedo de los Vientos
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Varietal(s): Tannat
Region: Canelones, Uruguay
ABV: 14.00% vol.
Aging: Stainless steel tank
Volume: 0.75 l
No Sulphur added
Contains sulfites

A bona fide punk among wines. Fans of the experimental and the offbeat should look no further. This bold standout might not be a reliable crowd-pleaser, but it is an absolute must-try for the curious. Sulfite-free and fermented with natural yeast, this wine is rugged, unvarnished, and as natural as it gets. Unconventional and unapologetically rough around the edges, this is a cutting-edge wine with a rebellious spirit.

Pairings: Beef, Lamb, hearty braised dishes

Storage potential: 5-7 years (can be significantly longer under ideal conditions)