Bodega Irurtia

Power in unity

The Irurtia family has many hands on deck – seven dedicated family members, spanning two generations, working together to run operations. Lorenzo Irurtia, a Basque immigrant, laid the foundation stone in Carmelo in the early 1950s. He already had considerable experience with viticulture in Europe, having made his very first harvest in 1913. Shortly after the bodega was founded, the indestructible Dante Irurtia assumed leadership and has brought in over 50 harvests to this day. His children´s innovative spirit and his own vast experience have made Bodega Irurtia one of the most renowned Uruguayan wineries. Perceived as a hearty giant in its local conditions, Irurtia would be an admired dwarf in many other areas. The winery’s location at the beginning of the Rio de la Plata, where Rio Uruguay and Rio Paraná meet, is the “fertile crescent” of wines from Carmelo. The conditions are not only ideal for Tannat but also for particularly deep and distinctive Pinot Noirs.

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